Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
Sentega Labels provides Wristbands for use in hospitals. These Wristbands can be hand written or printed on site, using a thermal transfer or laser printer, with the patient information.

Sentega Labels has the solution for you!
We can also provide labels that are completely soluble in water, this can be useful in the kitchens of hospitals and care centres.
Labels applied to food containers indicate for whom the food is and for which department. When the containers are brought back into the kitchen they can be put in the dishwasher with the labels left on. The label and adhesive dissolve completely in the water. Due to this the labels do not pollute the environment and they do not clog the filters.

For a first inspection after the sterilization process, we provide sterilization labels with ink that changes colour in the autoclave process and is validated according to ISO 11140-1 (Class 1 indicator).

Sentega Labels has also developed labels for clinical trials in the pharmaceutical industry. We have developed a number of special products. These products are:
The Laser Wrap® and LaserInfold

Both products, adhesive wraps and / or leaflets or booklets can be printed “in house” on laser printers.