SAM-tag® stands for Self Adhesive Metal tag and has been specially
developed for demanding environments. In the steel industry the
SAM-tag® is very suitable for the labelling of metallic surfaces.

The SAM-tag® is also suitable under other adverse conditions, such as on
rough, smooth, wet and even on greasy surfaces. Even under such conditions
the SAM-tag® adheres permanently. It consists of high-class, tear proof
polyester, which can be imprinted by a standard laser printer.


SAM-tag® is available in different versions. It can be used as a tag label as
well as a self adhesive label. SAM-Tag® is the labelling solution for a variety
of applications!

SAM-tag® has been developed specially for the steel industry. It is extremely
temperature-resistant and due to its very strong adhesive layer it adheres to
many different surfaces. There is even a version which can be applied at
temperatures down to -20°C. This is ideal for products which are stored outside.

SAM-tag® can be imprinted on most laser printers without any problem. The adhesive-free edges prevent
adhesive residue building up in your printer.

SAM-tag® can be applied under a wide range of conditions and has financial benefits as well. Due to the fact that
it can be imprinted on standard laser printers, there is no need to purchase expensive printing equipment.

SAM-tag® is available in the following versions:

SAM-tag® „Strong“
Dimensions 105x148 mm, with an extra strong adhesive layer. This is well suited
for adverse surfaces and low temperatures.

SAM-tag® „Waste-free“
SAM-tag® is also available as a „waste-free” version. From this version the release liner cannot be
completely removed. To apply this SAM-Tag® version the release liner can be simply folded aside to avoid any

SAM-tag® „Economy“
Dimensions 105x148 mm. This is a standard tag without an adhesive layer.

All 3 versions are available in white and printable in 3 colours.

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